PAUL GREENLEAF is a visual audio artist exploring semi-fictional photographic landscapes and experimental sound terrain.

Paul’s immersive instrumental soundscapes feature decomposing melodies seeping through beds of tape hiss and vinyl crackles. Layers of detail contain ambient drones, arpeggios and samples made from everyday objects eg. IKEA furniture and gas appliances.

“Well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing, conceptually sound work” – Lens Culture

“Spores succeeds in being at once ironic/detached and serious/engaged, postmodern art work and polemical socio-cultural comment.” – Igloo Magazine

Paul Greenleaf

“For me, the point where reality and imagination collide is compelling. Landscape photography relies on observing a dialogue between the land and sky – producing music is a similar activity, constructing a context for a narrative to play out.”

Greenleaf has been experimenting with electronic audio production since the mid-90s. Recent years have seen him bring elements of this together with his visual work.

Spores video was selected and screened at the Hollywood Short Film Festival 2016, ‘Hollyshorts’. His photographic work has been exhibited at The Photographers’ Gallery, UAL FutureMap 2007, he won the Bar-Tur Award 2012 and was shortlisted for the Catlin Art Prize. He regularly exhibits in the UK.

“Fantastic EP” – Lauren Laverne, BBC6 Music